Door KickerZ revealed!

You guys have constantly asked us about the next update. Now, after years of silent and selfless work, we are ready to reveal it – the Door KickerZ is real!!!


It’s been 2 months since the conclusion of the “Terror at Sea” campaign, and a sinister sub-plot comes to light. The police have failed to locate and disarm a deadly nerve agent dispenser hidden in the belly of the Luigi Balauro, and it has contaminated the waters of Nowhere City Harbor.


Now, the fruits of your bad performance come to life – the deadly Zombies attack!

Note: If you have actually disarmed the device during your play of “Terror at Sea”, you will be unable to run Door KickerZ. It just wouldn’t make any historical sense, would it? We’re sorry for any inconvenience. No refunds.




New Features:

  • 4 new enemy types: Basic Zombie, Covert Zombie, Ghillie Zombie and Chalk Outline Zombie

  • dynamic zombie generation based on realistic simulation of a made up nerve agent

  • “Are you mad?” confirmation screen when pressing ESC by accident on the Mission Failed Screen.

  • Bonus: All Zombie requests will be deleted from the forum


To counter the Zombie threat, your troopers receive access to special gear:

  • 6 new weapons including fan favorite Mac-10 and  Armor Piercing Mp9.

  • Whatever bullshit armor the Juggernauts were wearing.

  • 3 new gear pieces including the often requested Live Chicken Decoy! 


Door KickerZ is the official sequel to the critically acclaimed and highly successful SWAT command game Door Kickers (with an s). Coming to Win / Mac / PC in mid 2015.


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Devblog: Tablet version


We’ve been working hard on the tablet version and things are starting to come together!

Due to the smaller screen size and the fact that your fingers behave differently than a mouse, we had to completely redesign the HUD and many parts of GUI. Some of these we didn’t really expect, so unfortunately we’re taking more time than anticipated.




The game will first be released on iOS, with Android coming after that if everything goes according to plan. If you have and iPad 3rd gen and up you should have no problem playing it.
We’re currently trying very hard to lower the minimum requirements to an iPad2, but it’s tricky due to its very limited memory amount. Even though we’ve done tons of optimizations, fitting into those memory requirements would require to lower the graphics quality a bit too much, so it’s still under discussion.


Trying the game on an iPhone5 made us squint really hard, so a phone version seems doubtful right now. Even though the size of an iPhone6(+) could work, we would still need to remake all in-game menus to be readable, which would take too much time out of our really cool, awesome, incredible and still unannounced future projects.


Since there are a lot of people already playing Door Kickers on Windows touch-laptops (2in1 devices, touchtops or whatever they’re called), we’ll also add the touch control scheme in our Windows version as well, so that you can enjoy the touch-friendly version on your favorite Windows touchtop!


As for the release date we’ll announce it as soon as we know it ourselves, but expect something like 2 months.


Lock’n load,
KillHouse Games

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So people have been asking about the tablet version…


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Winter update!









It was just about time…
Here is the changelist for the Winter Update (1.0.6):


- New campaign.
- New scenario type: Robbery in Progress.
- 9 new weapons.
- 2 new single-mission maps.
- 2 new enemy types.
- Added 3 new editor brushes (erase background / white / shadow).
- Added 16 new Steam Achievements (entry-level ones).
- Can now paint floors in the editor + several other editor improvements.
- Added shortcut for stealth Fire button (F).
- New mod: Winter Games (example for implementing weapons with projectiles and custom map music).
- Improved loading speed.

- Replays sometimes getting desynchronized (bug introduced in 1.0.3).
- Saved plan sometimes being deleted.
- Campaign Won screen showing when losing all troopers.
- Troopers sometimes going through doors without triggering any action.
- Crash related to some mods.
- Improvements/tweaking to existing equipment.
- Crash when resizing map to a certain size in editor.
- Game unable to run in full-screen resolution on certain configurations (high-DPI screens).
- Crash related to modding sounds.
- One single-mission map was missing on Linux and Mac.
- Broken Mac OSX scroll for magic mouse and trackpad.
- Re-added Right-Click keyboard shortcut useful for trackpads (now C, instead of Shift).
- Pointmen not being able to switch weapon from tazer to pistol.
- Incorrect reload time stats for cyclic reload weapons (shotguns, revolvers).
- Sniper hud disappearing from multi-storey maps.
- Showing campaign success screen even when losing all missions.
- Crash related to mods and picking locks.
- Crash when enabling and disabling certain mods.
- Enemies not shooting back after recovering from a tazer shock.
- Pre-planning more than 1 breaching charge not working.
- A bug with failing final campaign map, restarting it and still finishing campaign.
- Sometimes campaign would not finish even when all troopers were dead.
- Hostages not always following you when changing floors.
- Trooper switching to primary weapon after detonating a door while pistol was equipped.

- Weapons can now shoot with projectiles, check out the two examples in equipment_patch_4.xml (Grenade Launcher and Bow) and the “Winter Games” mod.
- Can now set custom music for a map. Check the “Winter Games” mod for an example.
- Added “ejectShells” option for firearms (revolvers no longer eject shells).


So while you work on finishing up the new stuff, let us know what you’d like to see in the future from Door Kickers (we promise we have something new and awesome cooking for you!).


Lock’n load,
KillHouse Games


PS: Some stores may have delays in updating the game, but don’t worry, it’s coming!

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Door Kickers is RPS’s “Bestest Best Tactics of 2014″!

Read more about it:

Door Kickers is a smashing top-down tactical masterclass, with enough missions to shake a nightstick at, randomised enemy placements to add further variety, and a bundled level editor allows devious designers to create their own maps and missions…Door Kickers is a complete package of planning, panicking and policing.

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Next update(s)

In the following months we will be releasing two new updates!

Besides fixing current issues and improving things based on your suggestions, we will also be adding some new content.

If you have anything you’d like to see fixed/improved/implemented, we’ve opened a suggestions thread here where you can speak your mind.


- The first update should come no later than November 25. It will bring a new campaign, new items and many improvements/clarifications to existing features.

- The second update will be released mid-December. Expect new content from this one as well.


Expect major improvements to the in-game editor and overall modding capability as well, though it’s unclear whether these will be in the first or the second update.


Lock’n load,

KillHouse Games

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Press Coverage


Final game:

Rock, Paper, Shotgun“If you like your puzzles pausable and plausable, your firefights fierce and your tactical options abundant, this is sure to be one of the best things you buy this year.”

PC Gamer: “Door Kickers is a game about cops kicking down doors, and these doors are a lot of fun to kick down. It is also very hard, and I love it for that.”

Giant Bomb video review: “I like this game a lot, it’s really fun”

de.IGN: “If you want to play a tactical shooter this year…then now you have found your match.”

ShouldYouPlayThisGame: “If you are looking for a long lasting tactical game where you can control everything about it, Door Kickers is worth buying.”

es.IGN: “Door Kickers is an outstanding title in all and every respect”




Nerd³ The Alpha Detective Video Preview

Gamer’s Dissent Video Preview

Honest Game Reviews Q&A with us

PCGamesN: “Verdict: Buy”

Overlord Gaming reviews Alpha8

Not exactly a review, but pretty damn cool!

Total Biscuit, The Cynical Brit Video Preview 

Indie Statik: ”It’s probably the best man-shootery game I’ve played in years

PCGamer: ”If you’re a fan of the SWAT games, Rainbow Six, Frozen Synapse … then you’ve probably got Door Kickers pencilled in your diary, perhaps even accompanied by a couple of exclamation marks


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KillHouse Games – End of Year Two


Hello, friends!

When this year started, we found ourselves on PC Gamer’s list as “one of the best/most promising strategy games of 2014”. As it ends, we’re Rock Paper Shotgun’s “best tactics game of the year”.

What’s most important, we’ve delivered to you and got the game out, and we are currently enjoying a steam user rating of Overwhelmingly Positive. It’s not uncommon to see happy users with 50+ or even 100+ hours of gaming time, and all this confirms we must be doing something right :)

The workshop and modding scene are very active, and the release of the improved mission editor makes creating maps from scratch completely possible.

What’s next for KillHouse Games? We’re obviously not done with Door Kickers and Update 1.06 is almost ready for full release. But even after that, we have new features in mind, new campaigns to write and new threats or tools to throw at you.

Bigger things are also coming. Bringing multiplayer to Door Kickers, porting Door Kickers to other platforms, as you requested, and even moving Door Kickers to other places in the world. Nowhere City is a homely home, but we’re wondering how they call their double taps in, say, Russian? And who knows Mp5s better – the Germans or the Brits?

Those of you that follow our interviews also know we do have some plans for Door Kickers 2, and even another project. Decisions and plans are to me made but you’re probably going to see more than just Door Kickers stuff from KillHouse Games, next year.

So here’s to 2015 and here’s to you – our awesome community. You took us from 3 guys with a fun prototype to a solid team with the best tactical game on the market.

So thank you, and have a Happy New Year!

Your Dev Team @ KillHouse Games

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Update 1.03 Released, and a contest



Just when you thought you absolutely need that game that’s on sale, here’s some new stuff for your Door Kickers. A LOT of fixes, but a new campaign too. Don’t worry, its a short one, or so it seems at first sight.

It shouldn’t be too hard to finish it, right? Well, then … the first person to send us a screenshot with the “Terror at Sea” Campaign Victory screen, in Iron Man mode, wins a trooper portrait and a limited run Door Kickers T-Shirt. Mail the screenshot to


Now for the actual patch briefing:

How to get it: Steam version automatically updates. The DRM-free builds will get updated installers in no more than a day, available from your place of purchase. Let us know if you need help.


New Features:
- New campaign: Terror at Sea.
- 7 new weapons: 2 pistols, 4 long guns, 1 shotgun. You might find some new favorites here.
- Can now compare stats for weapons/armor/shields with the ones currently equipped.
- Campaign missions can be replayed as long as you don’t play the next mission in line.
- Added “Delta” Go Code for all those that plan ahead.
- Two new ambient music tracks.
- Sniper: use TAB key for cycling between visible enemies.
- Added a “keep previous plan” checkbox in deploy screen.
- Replaced “switch to primary/secondary” waypoint action with a single switch-weapons waypoint. This will make planning ahead easier.
- Added campaign restart button.
- Added “how to play” video for Snipers.
- Red screen border when HUD is minimized and game is paused.
- Game will auto-restart when changing active mods or window resolution.
- When a flashbang waypoint is set on a door that gets opened by an AI, that waypoint is cancelled.
- Trooper no longer stops when given a direct “Reload” command. He stops at reload waypoints though.
- In-game Mods menu now has filters to help you browse more efficiently.

- Campaigns sometimes not finishing.
- Bug where trooper would go inside a door after lockpicking it.
- Breaching charge waypoints disabling themselves.
- Bug where trooper would kick doors while looking the opposite way.
- Deploying on maps with no deploy zones is done with the current equipment, instead of the default one.
- Can no longer interact with bystanders.
- Reload commands cancelling orientation commands.
- Broken sound/crashes for some Creative sound cards (replaced OpenAL with OpenAL Soft).
- Bolt cutters no longer show up for for Breachers when they don’t have it equipped.
- Broken backgrounds for “no intel” maps.
- Some replays were impossible to export to video.
- Several bugs related to maps (impossible challenges, impossible to arrest enemies etc.).
- The random killhouse generator will generate *at least* a room.
- You no longer need to retrieve ALL dope items to get three stars.
- Increased timeout values when connecting to Steam Workshop.\
- Fixed enemies destroying dope even when stunned.
- Tooltips now show key shortcuts (if available).
- Out-of-screen indicators not correctly aligned for certain game resolutions.
- A bug related to restoring a plan that had hold/move waypoints.
- Enemies not patrolling on paths on floors other than the starting one.
- Linux/OSX not detecting conflicts between mods.
- Removed SHIFT=Right Click in OSX (would interact badly with path-lock and Steam overlay).


Have fun, keep eyes peeled for new game content coming out this December :)

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