Rescue hostages, disarm bombs and save the day in this old school, action side-scroller with retro graphics and retro sensibilities.
Cooperative multiplayer included.

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Meet the squad



Specialized in assault rifles and SMGs, the Assaulter is aptly equipped for long range combat and surgical firepower applied at the right time.


Carrying a shotgun for encounters with nasty doors and nastier outlaws, the Breacher is the master of adaptability and close quarters combat.


Always ready to go in first and protecting the squad from enemy gunfire and explosives, the Shield Officer is also a first rate pistol marksman.

Meet the bad guys

  • enemy_mad2
  • enemy_lenny
  • enemy_harry
  • enemy_mcivil
  • enemy_machete
  • enemy_dave
  • enemy_ak
  • enemy_bomber
Dangerous criminals aiming to cause all manner of terror and pain in our beloved Nowhere City. Your job: stopping them with any means necessary. Use of deadly force authorized, officer.
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Single Player

Cooperative Multiplayer

3 Player Classes

3 Unique weapons per class

3 Usable, common, gear items

8 Enemy types

2 mission types

24 Levels 

final release

Melee Combat

Character Development

NEW Player Class: Recon

6 Weapons per class

17 Enemy types

Boss enemies

60 Levels

Level Editor



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