Summer sale!

Door Kickers is now on sale for all available platforms.

If you’ve been holding back on the iOS, Android or PC version, you may want to check out the lowest prices we ever had:

Our store:









(mentally replace this image with a nice Door Kickers logo with a HUGE 85% off)


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“How we won gamedev by rolling our own tech”


For more technically inclined people, here are the slides for our GDC & IndieCade talk this year:

Slides with notes included

Slides without notes


Did you know you can make successful games faster, cheaper and more reliable by building your own tech instead of using a third party engine? 
With a small team and no budget, we managed to make 2014’s best tactics game (Door Kickers) in a very short time, with a huge amount of content, on 5 platforms. 
Without using any third-party engines or tools. 

Instead of adding tech, we removed tech. We kept removing until there was almost nothing left. Sounds counter-intuitive? Think of it this way: simpler means faster, cheaper and more reliable. 
Learn about the extreme simplicity of the production pipeline and the “unified everything” game engine used for Door Kickers. 
Learn that developing a game can also be done in a very smart and simple way, instead of spending years or $$$$$ on game engines. Learn how to focus on what is important and that finding the simplest solutions is usually the hardest.


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Introducing Door Kickers – The Web Comic

Witness NCPD’s finest as they go on missions, tackle bad guys and…get caught up in the game’s interface. Expect the unexpected!

DoorKickers Comic Strip 1













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Door Kickers is part of the new Humble Indie Bundle!


There are some other cool games in it as well 🙂


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Rock Paper Shotgun interviews Dan Dimitrescu

Rock Paper Shotgun interviews Dan Dimitrescu

However awesome his design skills may be, they are no match for his squatting skills.


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