Door Kickers Alpha 6!


Hello, Door Kickers!

We took a little jump ahead in time and here’s Alpha 6. Shotguns inside. And suppressed SMGs. Need we say more? Download, as usual, using the link you first received during purchase or just use your Steam key.

As we were saying above, with Alpha 6 you have the option to run 2 new trooper classes – the Breacher and the Stealth trooper. Fear not, the Stealth has no fancy cloaking devices, just a suppressed weapon that can open a silent and deadly path through the level. Warning: stopping power is not always on the suppressed SMGs side 😉

The Breacher class, on the other hand, is all about blasting your way. Doors, enemies, they all come down, if you pattern your shots correctly. Handy for opening locks when time is short, but not really good for long range accurate shots.

With Alpha 6 we’re also taking the first step towards a real Mission Editor. Give it a try. Expect walls drawing – true walls creation – not so far in the future.

There’s also a bunch of tweaks that happen regarding aiming speed and the way troopers prosecute targets, especially after passing doors and obstacles. They’re still deadly, but a little more realistic so. We advise you to rely on handguns when expecting encounters at close range, but the truth is we’re not designing another Rock-Scissor-Paper game. So tell us how it works for you. Write back.

Or even better, come over to the forums and join the discussion. Vote on features. Win contests. It’s a lot of fun.

What is New and Important in Alpha 6 of Door Kickers:



– Breacher class and Shotguns added
– Shotgun breaching now possible – replaces Mechanical breaching where appropriate
– Stealth class and Suppressed firearms added
– Lockpicking. Beware – can be heard by enemies at short range.
– Something approaching a real Mission Editor
– 3 new pistols
– 7 new Semi-Auto/Auto weapons
– 3 shotguns
– 4 new single mission maps
– 2 new random maps
– Improvements to old maps
– Improved the random mission generator
– Improved enemy AI
– New enemy AI: Sawn Off shotgunner. Yeah, watch out for him.
– Troopers now holster the current weapon while operating devices (defusing bombs, lockpicking etc.)
– Smoother path drawing around corners
– Enemy Stun/reload icons are no longer visible in fog of war
– Tooltips are now flipped when cut-off by the edge of the map
– Improved visual effects (debris, burn marks, muzzle flash lights etc.)

Modding / Structure changes:

– Simplified new map creation; Background Entity no longer needed, texture directly referenced in mission file
– Changed location of single mission and RMG repositories
– Differentiated Speed Reload vs Tactical Reload times for weapons


– Fixed flashbang trajectory showing different path that the actual one
– Can no longer operate devices from behind walls/doors, you cheaters.
– You must now have LOS with an object in order to be able to interact with it
– Fixed sometimes losing rclick orientation tracking
– Fixed a bug where the path would not be highlighter while dragging it

Enjoy the game, and like always, don’t forget to hit the feedback button 🙂

 Your DevTeam @ KillHouse Games