Door Kickers – surprise update!

The complete update changelist follows after this awesome trailer



– Online cooperative mode (Steam version only)
– Changed the way grenades are thrown: clicking on the UI item automatically “sticks” the grenade to the mouse pointer and is released when clicking again.
– Optimizations for slower CPUs
– Reduced HDD and RAM consumption by using better compression for sound files
– Can now use language-specific characters to edit trooper names.

– Fixed grenades taking a different trajectory than shown (hitting walls when they shouldn’t).
– Fixed some mods not showing up in the Mods menu except when selecting their specific tag.
– Fixed troopers sometimes not waiting for gocodes before doing an action.
– Fixed being unable to use language-specific characters when editing trooper names.
– Fixed breaching charges sometimes blowing up in the wrong direction.
– Fixed bad line breaks in Doctrine texts.