Introducing Door Kickers – The Web Comic

Witness NCPD’s finest as they go on missions, tackle bad guys and…get caught up in the game’s interface. Expect the unexpected!

DoorKickers Comic Strip 1














  1. NICE

  2. Many a time this has happened to me.

  3. JohnyHering

    How you draw this comic

  4. Hans Dejan

    I cant wait for Doorkickers 2, will upload videos of it when it releases.

  5. rubinkensul263

    First time I played it on android, one girl is say ” Romeo in sight !” When she shooting suspects.Lel

  6. rubinkensul263

    I love your comic. Nice

  7. CanterBury

    You make me impress , :)) also :d

  8. Make part 2 please !!!!!!

  9. NofaseCZ

    Hahah, nice try.

  10. Sargent little wolf

    I had that happen to me many times when the juggernaut bad guy murders 5 of my guys and they have Gernade launchers and ksg shotguns

  11. Always seems to happen when I get up to a ‘C’ holding pattern, can never seem to remember to press it! xD

  12. Bravo-Tango-Delta-Tango

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