New iOS+Android update!


Door Kickers has just been updated for iOS and Android.

You now have the option to run the game in other languages. For the moment this includes Spanish, Russian, Polish, French and German. If you spot any translation mistakes, just write us an email.

There is now a bunch of new content by the means of user mods! Steam modder Red Panda has been helping us bring his awesome PC mods to the mobile version, so make sure to check them out from the in-game mods menu.


Here’s the entire changelist:

– Added user mods!
– Localization support. Added translations into Russian, Spanish, Polish, German and French.
– Increased font size and increased UI size (optimization for smaller devices).
– Can now create “strafe” waypoints by double-tapping on the “look this way” waypoints.

– Fixed some Android keyboards not working.
– Several crashes.
– Fixed several bugs related to AI.