Next update for iPad


First of all, to all iPad users having problems with the current version: we’ve already submitted a new patch to fix existing crashes and other issues, which should be live this week.

We are also constantly fixing bugs as they come to our attention, so if you find any issues, please make sure to let us know (via the contact form on our website, the in-game feedback button, forums, email etc.).


The next big update for the iPad version should come in maximum 3 weeks from now, and will include:

  • in-game editor
  • new maps
  • new weapons

(PC version will have these as well, except the editor, which you already have).


We are also working on localizing/translating the game, so if you don’t understand what I’m writing here, you will soon!


@Android users: we’re working on it! No time-frame though, we’ll let you know when we’re close to release.


Editor Mockup