Introducing Door Kickers – The Web Comic

Witness NCPD’s finest as they go on missions, tackle bad guys and…get caught up in the game’s interface. Expect the unexpected!

DoorKickers Comic Strip 1













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Akimbo Ranger Unit Reveal

It’s the right time for our first player unit reveal from Task Force North – The Ranger Pointman Class.

Highly trained in the use of worn-out government-issued handguns, the Pointman dominates Close Range space without ever needing melee weapons or even holsters. Once properly upgraded, he gains access to dual handguns and becomes the Akimbo Ranger, the ultimate pure CQB death dealer in Door Kickers metaverse as well as in a few others. Moreover, the handguns are now equipped with silencers, which obviously makes them completely silent and reliable.

Once a kill is achieved, the Akimbo Ranger automatically assumes specific celebration poses meant to demoralize all enemies within sight, as well as realism purists reading this text.

And what better and tactically sound way to celebrate Victory, than turning your back defiantly to the enemy? We’ll call this one, totally random, the “Over The Shoulder” pose.

Akimbo Ranger Victory Pose

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Door Kickers is part of the new Humble Indie Bundle!


There are some other cool games in it as well 🙂


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Rock Paper Shotgun interviews Dan Dimitrescu

Rock Paper Shotgun interviews Dan Dimitrescu

However awesome his design skills may be, they are no match for his squatting skills.


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Door Kickers 2 – Task Force North

The sequel to the critic and public-acclaimed Door Kickers moves the action to the Middle East and puts the player in control of military Special Operations Teams fighting an elusive Terrorist Network.

Gone are the SWAT shields and tazers, enter the beltfeds and frag grenades. Door Kickers 2 casts the player as leader of the eponymous Task Force, handling units such as the US Rangers and assets like drones to respond to threats, solve crises and hunt the enemy on his own turf.

Once the Tactics Phase starts, things are meatier and deadlier. Extraction and Insertion now become equally critical, but so does telling the bad guys from bystanders and innocents.

They say that great responsibility should actually come with greater power, so players can now take advantage of nighttime, darkness or even good old sneaking to surprise the enemy. New trooper classes, weapons, tools and gadgets open up the tactical options, but one thing does not change: You’ll live and you’ll die by your tactics.

And then you’ll hit Restart and try again.

To help with the challenge, Door Kickers 2 adds Cooperative Multiplayer to the existing mix of Single Player Missions and Campaign. And since you can never have too much content, the game comes with complete modding support, improved mission editor and partial source code access. Yes, we can; it’s our own custom built 3D engine. We’re cool, crazy, or most likely both.

(Special note for our fans: Adversarial Multiplayer is still in the books but will make the subject of a separate announcement later this year)

WIP image Door Kickers 2 Task Force North
Key points to Door Kickers 2 – Task Force North:

  • Choose which unit to deploy for each mission and adjust your tactics accordingly Surgical Operations or Overwhelming Firepower – anything is possible.
  • Use Night Vision, Drone reconnaissance and other realistic gadgets
  • True freeform tactics taken to the next level: Turn off the lights and hide in the dark. Break windows and jump over ledges.
  • Go fast to the target or slow and methodical. And if you make a mistake, adapt and overcome.
  • Face new threats such as suicide bombers, booby traps and RPG launchers.
  • Use new Tactical Abilities. Group your troopers for easier movement.Establish Rules of Engagement – you name it and … we’ll talk 🙂
  • Lots of hush hush stuff we’ll announce along the way. And take that literally 😉

Door Kickers 2 is expected to hit Early Access in Q4 2016 on Win/Mac/Linux, with Full Release on PC and handhelds coming later, aka “when they’re done”. All info and specifications subject to change. For more information keep in touch over at Facebook or Twitter, or drop us an email. We like that.

About Door Kickers: Door Kickers is a game about controlling Special Forces, drawing action plans for them and coordinating them during their tactical intervention. Released in October 2014, it was hailed as “Early Access done right” and currently holds an Overwhelmingly Positive Review Rating on Steam. It has sold over 250.000 units on all platforms combined, offers cross platform save compatibility and was named “Best Tactics Game of 2014” by RockPaperShotgun and “Runner-Up To Strategy Game of The Year 2015” by PocketTactics.

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Italian, Chinese and Japanese localizations in Steam Workshop

Since we added support for translation mods, Steam users have been hard at work adding new languages, check them out:

Chinese (1500+ subscribers!)


If you don’t have the Steam version, you can still download them by using this tutorial.

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End of Year Three

menu_logo_version copy

Hello, friends!

In the last year, we have seen Door Kickers being released on mobile platforms, with iPads, Android tablets and phablets getting full attention from us. We designed a new interface taking into account touch based interaction, fingers covering the screen and all the issues related to how people hold tablets in their hands. And we’ve made it easy to import your PC saves on to handhelds and back, to continue your strategizing wherever you are.

We must have done a pretty good job as Pocket Tactics named us runner-up to strategy game of the year 2015 – just in time for New Year’s Eve Champagne!

Since you guys are the greatest fans in the world, we made sure we delivered back – so all our direct customers got the game on Android, as an extra freebie. We also worked with modder extraordinaire Red Panda to get the first mods on to the handhelds, which is not often seen on those platforms.


-Based on your feedback, we’ve also translated Door Kickers to popular languages. You can now play the game in English, French, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish, with other languages in-progress over at the Steam Workshop.


-Last, but not least, Door Kickers has been picked up by publisher UIEG.DE. Expect the game to hit retail shelves in February.


-As 2015 has come to an end, it’s time to talk about the future, and the future is Door Kickers 2… and more.

DK2 brings the step to 3D: environments, characters – but keeps the clear and easy-to-use top down perspective and hardcore, unforgiving action. It keeps the real life action but moves it to a new and exciting setting. And it changes … everything.


Oh, are we being a little vague? Yes, we are.

On Sunday, January the 17th of 2016 you will know more. In case you wonder, that’s exactly 3 years after we let the first news out on Door Kickers.


So stay tuned, and have a Happy New Year!


Your Dev Team @ KillHouse Games


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