Akimbo Ranger Unit Reveal

It’s the right time for our first player unit reveal from Task Force North – The Ranger Pointman Class.

Highly trained in the use of worn-out government-issued handguns, the Pointman dominates Close Range space without ever needing melee weapons or even holsters. Once properly upgraded, he gains access to dual handguns and becomes the Akimbo Ranger, the ultimate pure CQB death dealer in Door Kickers metaverse as well as in a few others. Moreover, the handguns are now equipped with silencers, which obviously makes them completely silent and reliable.

Once a kill is achieved, the Akimbo Ranger automatically assumes specific celebration poses meant to demoralize all enemies within sight, as well as realism purists reading this text.

And what better and tactically sound way to celebrate Victory, than turning your back defiantly to the enemy? We’ll call this one, totally random, the “Over The Shoulder” pose.

Akimbo Ranger Victory Pose


  1. I had to make sure the date today. Pheww, close one.

  2. Tobias Ryberg

    I do believe this is my favourite of the day – I’m sure the pose won’t be a problem.

  3. Ionescu Virgiliu

    I can Trace this to something of a discussion over the internet this days. Anyway, looking forward to this FPS mode of Door Kickers

  4. HA HA! I fell for it. Was thinking that pose is so don’t ask don’t tell esque. A pink tutu uniform option might be in order

  5. Fantastic

  6. Aaahahahaha, love it ; )


  8. Lol, nice.

  9. I would totally buy this pose. Actually, I’d buy this game to buy this pose because I don’t have it yet, but you interest me with your stance!

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