Door Kickers 2 Delayed

Door Kickers 2 will not be launching this year anymore.

We had hoped that we would be able to bring it home this winter, but it’s clear now that it’s not going to happen.

When we started development in early 2016, we felt that one year should be enough to hit Early Access, but things have not gone nearly as smooth as for our first game.


There are many reasons for this: transitioning to 3D engine, debugging the new perspective and improving rendering to keep or increase clarity compared to the 2D engine, having to reboot all art, moving our offices, new additions to our families and adding minor features like destructible walls, to name a few πŸ™‚


We are committed to have Door Kickers 2 as a true sequel – not just a reskin or engine port – and this translates to design improvements and interface changes, code shaking and head scratching.

We have received tons of messages from you guys asking about it and we’re sorry to keep you waiting, but don’t worry, DK2 is coming and it’s going to be awesome! When? Definitely next year πŸ˜€


We’re shying away from announcing a specific release date, because the actual date is not important. What matters is delivering the best experience possible for you guys, no compromise.


Early Access will only come at the quality and polish level you’ve come to expect from us. It will showcase the new Door Kickers and keep you occupied for months. As before, once we have the initial version out we will update it roughly once a month.


Our projected initial Early Access Version will include:

  • Single Missions, playable in Single Player and Cooperative Multiplayer
  • New unit classes – Ranger Marksman and Ranger Machinegunner, with new abilities such laying down (or receiving) Suppressive Fire
  • Customizable weapon optics and muzzle attachments
  • Night missions, darkness, hiding people in it and using Night Vision gear or flashlights to see through it!
  • Destructible walls and opening new entry points.
  • Smoother path drawing, Path editing, Waypoint Moving
  • Improved coordination including grouping troopers, movement in stack and automated Line-Of-Sight-based coordination
  • Rules of Engagement, Sprinting and other new Tactical Options
  • And more!


To be clear – until we have these ironed down to our satisfaction, there will be no Early Access version out. And there are many more features on our list that will be added later.


So here’s to 2017 and Task Force North launching to you guys and hundreds of hours of fun and engaging tactical gameplay.


Your team @ KillHouse Games


Disclaimer: All plans and designs are subject to change or being superseded by newer and better designs.


  1. Well… Hope its worth the waiting (just kidding door kickers was great the sequel will be greater for sure)

  2. Take your time guys, the first was very good ! With coop and all features you announce i’m sure it will be great πŸ™‚

  3. I appreciate the honesty! Merry Xmas πŸ™‚

  4. I rather you guys to take your time to create a great game than having a botched game this year , but I’m not worried about the game’s quality

  5. I really enjoyed the first one, so hoping the sequel will live up to it and if that means waiting til it’s right, so be it. Better to wait and release something worthwhile, than rush it and end up with a half baked let down.

  6. As excited I am for DK2, I would rather wait and have a polished game, rather than something that was rushed out for an arbitrary deadline.

    I convinced most of the people in my unit *military police* to pick up the original. We have a lot of fun playing it together. We know you won’t disappoint us with DK2.

  7. DoorKickers is an amazing game, I can’t get enough which why I have picked it up on PC and Android! Take all the time you need. Keep up the fantastic work. All the best to you all and your families. Have a fantastic Christmas!

  8. Splash Friday

    As far as I can tell the D.K. fan-base is pretty loyal, so no worries there. Take all the time necessary. Build it, and we will breach. Until then, stay frosty.

  9. I hope that this game work in a mac with hd intel 4000.

  10. Is combat applications group making a appearance in doorkickers 2 for player factions?

    cant wait for the new game still regularly play the first one!

  11. Just make sure theres a desert eagle 😁

  12. Can’t wait, I really need something to scratch my tactical itch!
    Good luck and make it AWESOME!

  13. SniperPig9

    graphics should be the least of youre worries. We all want a great game thats enjoyable, with a frame rate that isnt annoying

  14. Cant wait for the new game! πŸ˜€

  15. Pitty that we have to wait but it’s good to hear whats going on behind the scenes. Looking forward to it!

  16. It would be cool if you could an attachment that you can see the heat of your enemy if they are hiding in he shadows but…I hop the wait will be worth it like the first door kickers!!! πŸ˜€

  17. Can’t wait tbh

  18. Soklakov Alexandr


  19. HYYYYYYYYYYYPEEEED !!! I Want it soooo much!! Love you guys, i’ll be waiting >:D

  20. Will this be on android too?

    • Definitely, but only after we finish it on PC

      • Oh yes, one more question would the game still be centered on Swat operations or now include military operations, SAS, NAVY, ARMY, etc, that would be awesome…
        And If you’re adding the military operations thing be sure to add air support.
        And can you tell me the basics of creating a mod Im planning on creating a mod about that military operations thing on Door kickers, and can you tell me how to port it to android.. Thx loved your game

      • Yeah, If door kickers 2 will feature a 3d view will we have the power to change the height of the camera, and can we switch to 3D-2D vice versa?

      • Yeah, will the coop feature lan(bluetooth, Wifi-hotspot) or just Wifi connect

    • -DK2 will be military themed, as announced.
      -For modding, you should just look into the game files and how other mods were made, we have no modding tutorial really.
      -You won’t be able to switch perspective, if that’s what’s you’re asking. It will be 3D with a top-down perspective (see the screenshot we released).
      -Your network connectivity question is about mobile or PC? Coop will be playable over any network on PC, for mobile it’s not decided yet.

  21. Loved the game by the way, I completed all the campaigns except one, “Drug Bust” the VIP is too hard to secure. Lol

  22. No worries guys! You guys knocked it out of the park with the first game, and if you need more time making a worthy sequel, take your time! I’m sure transitioning to a 3D engine will not easy. I look forward to giving you my money πŸ˜€

  23. SniperPig9

    is it true? is it cancelled? or was that just some idiot coming up with a hoax?

    • What? πŸ™‚ Definitely not cancelled, just delayed from our initial estimation.

  24. Do you guys need french translator? If yes I’ll be there, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Keep going guys,I’m with you!

  25. IM SERIOUSLY UPSET WITH THE DELAY, but on the other hand y’all are gonna make it one hell of a game, in the mean time can you add more mods to the first one on tablet, and PLEASE for the love of everything, make it so I don’t always have to have WiFi in order to use the mods, it made me wanna cry when I was on the road and it said you must have WiFi to use the mods… :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

    • gosamihai

      Some of the mods are quite large, are you sure you want to do that? πŸ™‚
      But we’ll allow it in a future update, sure.

  26. Google play to be specific… PLEASE

  27. Dragon Touch M10X is the current tablet I’m using, contemplating upgrading but I’m pretty poor… Any suggestions? I also play Zombie Defense, and if I can’t get BOTH on the tablet, I won’t even think about getting it, the only 2 games worth getting as far as I’m concerned…

  28. RIP DK2

  29. SniperPig9

    Is there any update or a general range until early access? I mean early access is early access so if it runs properly i’ll buy it ASAP

  30. kevirtual

    Honestly, I would be fine with the current 2D graphics for DK2.

  31. conner

    TEN YEARS LATER…. I just hope it comes out soon, but if it is anything as good as the first one its worth the wait.

  32. Maybe add medic or just first aid kit? Work like: heal from red injured to yellow injured.

  33. SniperPig9

    3D engine sounds cool… i wonder what it would be like from a birds-eye view

    • gosamihai

      Check out the announcement from the main page, it features an image with it.

  34. Fletcher moore

    Will it come to mobile I would totally pay full price of the pc

  35. Game is very interesting, and look forward to a sequel. Wish to join the Chinese weapons

  36. Alex Greendale

    Could you guys please give us some kind of an updateof what’s going on?

  37. I’d absolutely love a playable shooting range in the game with dummies, perhaps? I have so so many ideas for this game and I can’t wait for it! I don’t have any doubts on this sequel!

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