Door Kickers Alpha 5 is out!

Hello, Door Kickers!


The Scenario Generator is here and so is the inventory screen!

All part of Alpha 5, which you can download using your original purchase links, or, if you purchased the game from other stores: Steam, GamersGate or MacGameStore respectively.

The main features of Alpha 5 are obviously the the Mission Generator and the Inventory Screen. Both features are in their first iteration but come packed with cool stuff.

For the Mission Generator, there’s a limited set of maps included now – but some of them are new and not seen in other parts of the game. We’re focusing on the quality of the scenarios and will gradually add new maps to the pool as the structure and syntax of the system are ironed out. Rest assured, the Generator will be 100 times more powerful before we’re done with it.

BTW, You’ll notice your troopers are now more aggressive and efficient in dispatching baddies. In fact, people sometimes call them Over Powered. That’s usually just before a Mac 10 opens up from a still-blue-corner of the room, as careful planning is still very much needed.


In other news, watch our regular comms channels for an announcement regarding a Door Kickers Simulations & Training professional product! If you’re a MIL/LEO, you definitely want to check that out!

Approximately full list of what is New and Important in Alpha 5 of Door Kickers:


– You can now customize the inventory of each trooper.
– Random mission generator.
– “No Intel” play mode. For now an experiment, only available in the Random Mission Generator.
– Persistent trooper roster.
– The Corner Engagement issue is done! AI now correctly engages center of visible mass when engaging partially-covered enemies.
– In-cover status now visible on characters; also improved the cover system in general.
– Can now order troopers to switch between primary and secondary weapons.
– “Reload” and “Switch weapon” waypoints now block movement until they are completed.The On-Call actions are still performed on the move and left to player discretion.
– New ambiental music tracks and win/lose jingles.
– New maps.
– Many improvements/fixes on the firearms’ shooting methods.
– Improved deploy screen usability: you can now replace troopers by droping them on top of each other, plus other improvements.
– Firearms are now fully moddable (can add more weapons at will).


– Many fixes to delays in the friendly AI’s targeting.
– Can no longer rotate trooper while disarming bomb, placing a breaching charge or using the spy camera.
– Damage was sometimes incorrectly calculated, which resulted in a more randomness than design intended.
– Fixed game not starting on some Windows XP versions (normaliz.dll error).
– When playing in a resolution below 1366×768, the game no longer crashes and burns.
– Fixed OpenGL-related crash on older hardware.
– Fixed AI going through walls.
– Fixed Linux multi-monitor bug.
– Fixed resolution not changing after switching monitors or changing desktop resolution.
– No more impossible-to-kill enemies on the airplane level.

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Enjoy the game, and let us know what you think of the new build!

Your DevTeam @ KillHouse Games

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