End of Year Three

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Hello, friends!

In the last year, we have seen Door Kickers being released on mobile platforms, with iPads, Android tablets and phablets getting full attention from us. We designed a new interface taking into account touch based interaction, fingers covering the screen and all the issues related to how people hold tablets in their hands. And we’ve made it easy to import your PC saves on to handhelds and back, to continue your strategizing wherever you are.

We must have done a pretty good job as Pocket Tactics named us runner-up to strategy game of the year 2015 – just in time for New Year’s Eve Champagne!

Since you guys are the greatest fans in the world, we made sure we delivered back – so all our direct customers got the game on Android, as an extra freebie. We also worked with modder extraordinaire Red Panda to get the first mods on to the handhelds, which is not often seen on those platforms.


-Based on your feedback, we’ve also translated Door Kickers to popular languages. You can now play the game in English, French, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish, with other languages in-progress over at the Steam Workshop.


-Last, but not least, Door Kickers has been picked up by publisher UIEG.DE. Expect the game to hit retail shelves in February.


-As 2015 has come to an end, it’s time to talk about the future, and the future is Door Kickers 2… and more.

DK2 brings the step to 3D: environments, characters – but keeps the clear and easy-to-use top down perspective and hardcore, unforgiving action. It keeps the real life action but moves it to a new and exciting setting. And it changes … everything.


Oh, are we being a little vague? Yes, we are.

On Sunday, January the 17th of 2016 you will know more. In case you wonder, that’s exactly 3 years after we let the first news out on Door Kickers.


So stay tuned, and have a Happy New Year!


Your Dev Team @ KillHouse Games



  1. Awesome! Can’t wait the 17th. Congratualtions and thanks for developing this amazing game!

    • This game is amazing but I had a idea for this game that could probably make this really popular so what if you made a couple of large maps for a ww3 and your team and other players can fight death match or teams

  2. What do you mean by direct customers? Those that bought the game from the website?

    • I suppose they mean it.

    • Yeah, those that bought the game directly from http://www.inthekillhouse.com

      • Oh, even if you bought it during the beta? Also how would you get it, via email?

      • Of course even if you bought it during Beta. All early purchases should have access to the latest DRM free builds (Win/Mac/Linux/Android) and a Steam key. Use your initial purchase download link or drop me an email to tomcat AT inthekillhouse DOT com 🙂

      • That’s mean people who buy from steam can get the android version?

      • That’s harder for us to do since we can’t offer it automatically and verifying the purchases is out of our power – we have no direct, individual control over steam sales.

  3. Awesome, well deserved success, should of been 1st place IMO… can’t wait for 2, even thou I’m still never tired of the first one.

  4. Congrats guys, looking forward to more news!

  5. I can’t wait! Did the vote have an impact on the game?

    • Mihai Gosa

      Definitely, though it doesn’t mean that because “versus multiplayer” and “surprise us” options came in last we’ll never implement them, but it changed our priorities a bit and it gave us a clear idea of what the majority of our players like.

  6. Is there any news of new mods being created for the mobile version of the game?

    • Red Panda already has some of his mods implemented in the game. To download and activate them click on the options button in the lower left corner of the main menu. Then press the button that looks like a puzzle piece and the interface for mods should pop up. His mods are the only ones available for the mobile versions right now, but others could do it aswell.

  7. But what about the Level creator for IOS?

    • We plan to release another content update, but we’re unsure whether the editor will make it in. It proved to be more difficult to port to mobiles than anticipated, for example it won’t work on certain devices with low memory.

  8. MidaysChen

    Well,I love the game so much,but could you please add Chinese,you know there are quite a lot players in China.We all expect Chinese is available in the next version.

  9. Any chance of getting a version for iphone? I know it’d be small but I would love to have it on my 6s+.

  10. Door Kickers Fan

    I discovered this game very recently, and have been enjoying it thoroughly so far. For Door Kickers 2, would it be possible to add more complexity to the system while still keeping it manageable? I would like to see a few things that could bring the game up to contemporary threat models and SWAT techniques. A few things I have in mind:

    1. Destructible objects and environments, so that breaches can be made (almost) anywhere and makeshift barricades and strongpoints can be cleared. Heavy cover giving tremendous bonuses to simulate machine-gun positions.

    2. Booby traps and fail-deadly devices. These make dynamic approaches less feasible, but perhaps SWAT could have enchanced bomb detection and disposal methods to complement the deliberate approach. Also, terrorists with suicide vests, with or without fail-deadlies, although I suppose the ones with fail-deadlies can only arm themselves with one handed pistols.

    3. Enhanced methods of surveillance and reconnaissance, and terrorist counter-reconnaissance. E.g. spy cams being able to applied through windows, corners, holes quietly drilled in walls, penetrating radar, heartbeat sensors, terrorist motion detectors, invisible laser tripwires, CCTVs and hacked CCTVs. Between bomb detection and recon, this would give pointmen more things to do.

    4. Hostage negotiations that will have an impact on the tactical scenario, e.g a botched one leading to a very short execution countdown timer, a successful one resulting in delayed terrorist response and aiming speeds due to fatigue, more pre-prepared breaching and surveillance/recon points for multiple entry, or the tactical map being saturated with booby traps, hostages released or hostages executed.

    5. Some flexibility as to what constitutes mission success, such as in an execution prevention, only one hostage needs to survive but more survivors means a higher mission score.

    6. Female models for hostages and passerbys, female voices to complement SWAT portraits.

    • So pretty much take everything from Rainbow Six Siege?

      • Door Kickers Fan

        More like Beslan School Siege, but with a more sensible approach instead of using thermobarics to kill everybody on the map including the hostages.


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