You can now kick doors on Android!



And as a first time event, it will also be playable on phablets (large screen phones, 5.7+ inches).


Let us know what you think and make sure to message us if you have problems downloading/playing the game on your particular device.




PosterYes…yes they do…



  1. Is there a release date for the Note 4? I cannot dowload it because it says it’s incompatible. I wasn’t sure if the initial launch is for both Android tablets and large Android phones, or if the phones will come later.
    Note 4
    Snapdragon 805, Adreno 420

    Looking forward to going through the missions again.

  2. Try again in a few hours, we just fixed the compatibility issues and the update is pending.

  3. Just picked it up for my shield, epic….brings back the feeling of Rouge Spear. Excellent battery…….errrr, time killer!

  4. Hello İ was looking foward to buy this game to my phone i have smasung note 3 but it gives an error about my phone it doesnt let me do it you said you have to have 5.7 inch phone i do have 5.7 inch phone but i cant buy it 🙁

  5. Ryan jacques

    Hey I have a galaxy s4 will compatability come out for this?

  6. How to apply mods on Android? I have already get some mods from steam, but it nothing happened while logging into the game.:-(

    • You can’t yet, we’ll be adding mods next week, but the Steam mods won’t work on Android. We will have a separate set of mods there.

  7. We need a dog! We need a K9 and maybe a ram and helicopter like it was in SWAT2

  8. I have a HTC desire 510 and its not compatible, would it be possible to bring door kickers to it?

  9. Ghostified

    Not available on Sony xperia z3 😛

    • Mihai Gosa

      Screen is kinda small…but you can purchase it from our website, try it, and if you feel the screen is to small we’ll refund it asap.

  10. Will you guys ever port this over to Apple products?

  11. Sooo what im gathering is that the phone screen size is whats stopping me from downloading this? (App store says incompatible) i have a samsung A500W

    • Yes, it’s the screensize. You need a tablet or a very large phone (>= 5.7″) to play the game.
      Unfortunately the gameplay doesn’t fit very well on small screens, because of the very large maps and small details.

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