Door Kickers 2 – Task Force North

The sequel to the critic and public-acclaimed Door Kickers moves the action to the Middle East and puts the player in control of military Special Operations Teams fighting an elusive Terrorist Network.

Gone are the SWAT shields and tazers, enter the beltfeds and frag grenades. Door Kickers 2 casts the player as leader of the eponymous Task Force, handling units such as the US Rangers and assets like drones to respond to threats, solve crises and hunt the enemy on his own turf.

Once the Tactics Phase starts, things are meatier and deadlier. Extraction and Insertion now become equally critical, but so does telling the bad guys from bystanders and innocents.

They say that great responsibility should actually come with greater power, so players can now take advantage of nighttime, darkness or even good old sneaking to surprise the enemy. New trooper classes, weapons, tools and gadgets open up the tactical options, but one thing does not change: You’ll live and you’ll die by your tactics.

And then you’ll hit Restart and try again.

To help with the challenge, Door Kickers 2 adds Cooperative Multiplayer to the existing mix of Single Player Missions and Campaign. And since you can never have too much content, the game comes with complete modding support, improved mission editor and partial source code access. Yes, we can; it’s our own custom built 3D engine. We’re cool, crazy, or most likely both.

(Special note for our fans: Adversarial Multiplayer is still in the books but will make the subject of a separate announcement later this year)

WIP image Door Kickers 2 Task Force North
Key points to Door Kickers 2 – Task Force North:

  • Choose which unit to deploy for each mission and adjust your tactics accordingly Surgical Operations or Overwhelming Firepower – anything is possible.
  • Use Night Vision, Drone reconnaissance and other realistic gadgets
  • True freeform tactics taken to the next level: Turn off the lights and hide in the dark. Break windows and jump over ledges.
  • Go fast to the target or slow and methodical. And if you make a mistake, adapt and overcome.
  • Face new threats such as suicide bombers, booby traps and RPG launchers.
  • Use new Tactical Abilities. Group your troopers for easier movement.Establish Rules of Engagement – you name it and … we’ll talk 🙂
  • Lots of hush hush stuff we’ll announce along the way. And take that literally 😉

Door Kickers 2 is expected to hit Early Access in Q4 2016 on Win/Mac/Linux, with Full Release on PC and handhelds coming later, aka “when they’re done”. All info and specifications subject to change. For more information keep in touch over at Facebook or Twitter, or drop us an email. We like that.

About Door Kickers: Door Kickers is a game about controlling Special Forces, drawing action plans for them and coordinating them during their tactical intervention. Released in October 2014, it was hailed as “Early Access done right” and currently holds an Overwhelmingly Positive Review Rating on Steam. It has sold over 250.000 units on all platforms combined, offers cross platform save compatibility and was named “Best Tactics Game of 2014” by RockPaperShotgun and “Runner-Up To Strategy Game of The Year 2015” by PocketTactics.


  1. Awesome! Entire day that I press F5, and now the announcement is here!

    Simply can’t wait to see more! The hype is raising every row I read….

    Thanks and congratulations!

    • Why is it not for IOS and Android?

      • Sepeteus Luikkarinen

        Or Windows Phone?

      • Jakub Salwin

        I think to first get the pc version done to get money for the iOS and android

      • I don’t think that it’s a question of money.

        Early access on pc allow to receive logs, feedback and pushing updates more quickly that on mobile devices.

        Also, on mobile devices, except very few beta apps, only completed games are released.

    • I can’t wait for this one to get released on the App Store!!!

      • Zak St-amant

        Tought this was mobile primary tango lol

      • Yeah I can’t wait I hope they put all the guns from the old one and more.The attachment thing is amazing I imagine it a little like breach and clear but better more costumizations and hybrid scopes peq 15s and grips gun camo even costumizations to the soldier their helmets night vision dont forget about the gpnvg 18 or panoramic night vision even little stuff like gloves boots masks gas masks glasses shirts all that I know I’m asking you a lot but everybody knows it will be the best game of all time and the role of the soldiers breacher medic sniper Gunner no stealth cause it will be better if any soldier could put a silencer to their gun more realistic types of silencers all that stuff and more stuff that I missed oooooh almost forgot in multiplayer modes like pvp and computer vs player and players can be isis too not only attack but defend that would be awesome well God bless you kill house games NEVER QUIT that’s main goal and this will be the greatest game good luck and keep up the good work.

    • Blackswat12

      wow… im wating for this game like for years. trust me, this is one of does, dat wont even come out kk look wat i tell u ;D

  2. Cool. First comment in this hype!

  3. It’ll be bittersweet to say goodbye to the SWAT guys. But such an awesome new direction! Kudos on the RoE (“fire when spotted” could be a good one) and group formations. New setting certainly can lead to interesting new classes (K9, sniper), also would be neat to see options on how to insert (parachute, waterborne craft, helicopter). But most of all please include a layering system, to where I can select an operator and adjust only his plan of attack and movements (so they’re not mingled with other operators). Just some ideas for a loyal fan. Excited and can’t wait!

  4. Take all my money now!!!!!!! I want it!

  5. Sounds very exciting. Considering the quality of DK I think it’s fair to say I just got a “must buy” for ’16 – best of luck to you lot.

  6. Cant wait to play it. 🙂 I already buy DK whten you have only alfa ver. …. so, now i Will buy even preALFA ver. if is possible 🙂 cuz you guys do soooo much good game/games 🙂

  7. YES! do you need beta testers?!

  8. Finally! Before, stealth was quite hard. Hiding in the dark, or going full out, the fact that you have the option is great. PLEASE make sure that the game revolves around real-time tactics if you can. I liked not having to plan anything. Also, before, firefights lasted five seconds. Either the bad guy or you’re guy won. That’s it. There was no time to flank around and catch them from behind. Maybe the firefights will last a little bit longer so you can do things like cover-fire and keep the enemy busy. Will you release the trooper classes?

    …..could we…. maybe….. have RPGs? ….everyone wants RPGs….

  9. Other than the obvious, I’m liking how the art directions is going. It’s a nice blend of 2D and 3D elements. Subtle but effective.

  10. Nice ! Looking forward to it !
    Can you implement a “All-clear” button ? (Works like a standard go-code but for everybody combined with the no bad guy in sight)
    Can you also implement shortcut ?
    With this two things i think it will be easier to stage completely an assault : put your first order for everybody – hit “All-clear” button (it will put a go-code for everybody on the screen so each character will wait for the other to finish his actions – give your second set of order – hit “All clear” button, etc…)

    Thank you

  11. Weapon customize?

  12. Over-excited

    I jizzed my pants, but that is okay, because when this game hits the shelves I will be crapping myself in them.

  13. Reaper 3-1

    My body is ready for DK2

  14. Looking forward to DK2. sold. and glad to hear it will be released for both pc and handhelds. I’ll get it for both of them like DK1. Can’t kick enough doors.

  15. I hope you will add smoke grenades and maybe also incendiary grenades because they can be very useful.

  16. When will this be on iOS?

  17. The better player

    When will this be on iOS this year or the next?

  18. iOS no sooner than 2017 for sure.

    • The better player

      Thanks I am really looking forward to it because I’m maxed out player for level and I got all the good guns.

    • Thank goodness! I’m going into hibernation. Someone let me know when DK2 is released.

    • The better player

      BTW is this going to be the Austrlian Army or American Army or a Middle East army that your soldiers are based on and who you play as?
      P.S. Make it Australian Army

      • or wouldn’t it be cool if you could choose the military your soldiers are from or have the characters all from different countries like rainbow six ( the old ones)

  19. The better player


  20. Im so hyped right now it looks awesome keep up up the good work guys

  21. Not My Real Name

    Looks amazing but I just purchased Door Kickers and now 2 is coming out… I’m so annoyed with myself

  22. Liked da first 1 can’t wait to check dis 1 out

  23. If first game was successor of R6, it seems the second will reignite spirit of good old “Alfa:Antiterror”


  25. Launch by mobile first

  26. Instabuy 🙂

  27. good news! it would be great if there will be PMC (Private Mill Contractors) type of operators\missions\style 🙂

  28. aanonamous

    i hope if u have door kickers 1 u get dorr kickers 2 4 free

    • no cos then they will have to make in-game purchases and they ruin everything. Without them the game couldn’t be funded so it would be better if the game was just a ‘buy it and play’.

    • did you get csgo for free if you got cs? did you get cod black ops 2 for free if you got cod black ops? did you get rainbow six siege for free if you got rainbow six? did you get minecraft story mode for free if you got minecraft? did you get super mario maker for free if you got super mario bros wii u? did you get loz skyward sword for free if you got loz twilight princess? did you get the sims 4 for free if you got sims 3? did you get fallout 4 for free if you got fallout 3? did you get nba2k16 for free if you got nba2k15? did you get farcry primal for free if you got farcry 4? did you get assassin’s creed syndicate for free if you got assassin’s creed unity? did you get anno 2205 for free if you got anno 2070? did you get lego harry potter years 5-8 for free if you got lego harry potter years 1-4? did you get shelter 2 for free if you got shelter?

  29. lei yunxing

    It will be interesting if we can DIY the squad blade!And can we use RPGs?It will be exciting !

  30. Can I pleaseee be a beta tester? I did not expect much from Door Kickers 1 as I snagged it off of steam for 2.25 close to a year ago but WOW. How I have missed this kind of entry planning preparation from games like Rainbow Six Raven Shield.

  31. I`d love this game! I`m waiting for DoorKickers 2!

  32. you have to release it sooner, the hype is too strong!

  33. More mods for DK2 please. 🙁

  34. I hope you implement a “Formation” mechanic where you can select 2 or more guys and instruct them to move as one in formation. This will make the shields so much more useful as I think what makes them too hard to utilize in door kickers is that they require this specific mechanic to work well (or atleast easier to use).

  35. The one annoying thing about Doorkickers 1 was that the interface was obviously not that much different for the PC than it was for the mobile version. I really hope we’ll be getting controls that take advantage of KB+M more for Doorkickers 2, things like being able to click to automatically add a waypoint at your mouse cursor rather than having to drag for every little thing, or being able to hotkeys select your soldiers and having them automatically point towards your cursor while being hotkey selected.

  36. This Game is sooooo cool and I love it but please do not make the new games maps looks like mosques or any religion building

  37. dark soldier

    I love stealth tactics. The movement in the shadow is so interesting, I love this idea. Can you improve the silencer because it make so much noise for a silencer (in DK). Thanks for all who read this comment and sorry for my english (i’m no an englishman or other who talk english). 😉

  38. I was surprised at how much I love the first game, although it was interesting that there was calibre differentiation beyond simply handgun, smg and rifle in the weapon descriptions but nothing implemented in game, which made dealing with armoured enemies at range difficult. A system which alters impact/penetration depending on calibre would be awesome and maybe even go as far as being able to choose ammo type for each mission

  39. I am a big fan of DK and the only flaw I ever saw was that when I had diiferent weopons for my troopers they had the same model so will there be different weopons models for the different loadouts for thr troopers?

  40. The Italian language PLEASE!!!

  41. AWESOME……!!!!! Cant wait for that…….

  42. Dairon Perez

    Cuando sale para Android por favorrrrrrr….please. gracias.

  43. I wonder if there will be destructible environment and I dont mean exploding cars or breaking barrels cardboard boxes etc I mean will there be ability to destroy walls? If RPG cannot destroy wall then what is the point? I miss good old game engine for Silent Storm and its destructible EVERYTHING 😀 I literally put whole building to flat ground! Why modern games are so pathetic and cannot make this even better?!

    • RPGs stand for rocket propelled grenade, because they’re just that, a grenade propelled by a rocket, And grenades consist of an explosion inside a sphere of shrapnel/fragmentation, a RPG is used to neutralize armored vehicles (by blowing a grenade near them and penetrate them with shrapnel killing the entire crew) or groups of infantry from long range, RPGs are NOT used to blow open walls, tho some shrapnel might penetrate the wall

  44. ooh! ooh! add noise blocks on walls!

  45. is there in IOS/Android?

  46. It would be good if sometimes when the enemy is unaware of your presence that they leave their guns on tables, so when they realise your there they have to run to them.

    Great game, you deserve the success 😉


    • As written in the news: Door Kickers 2 is expected to hit Early Access in Q4 2016 on Win/Mac/Linux, with Full Release on PC and handhelds coming later, aka “when they’re done”

  48. Ogo I love dorkikiker 100%dorkikers is is good game thensk

  49. dodow1234

    Seriously, I play this game mostly on the go with my phone or tablet, why cant mobile device gamer get some love

  50. It will be awesome experience to take part in red tactics (medevac) during assault.Think about it and put elements of the first aid or evacuation on ission. Great job!

  51. Will there be an option to use a controller instead of keyboard/mouse?

  52. RefikCan

    When the trailer/teaser is going to be out ? When can we have gameplay details ? I know its kinda early but i really want to see this game out.

  53. Hans Dejan

    Can’t wait to play this game! Ive played Doorkickers and I want Doorkickers 2!!!

  54. Gamer3001

    When the game will be released at android at philippins?

  55. Gamer3001

    The maker of the game please make this game free.

  56. Need Info pls

    Is there any news on it yet? I know you guys are a small company, and do outstanding work, but I neeeeed info on this! D;

  57. Awesome game can not Waight till the I-pad version is launched

  58. Any new information on this? I know you’re working hard, but I can barely find any information other than this announcement. A teaser, some screenshots or actual gameplay would be nice, considering this game is supposed to hit early access soon.

  59. Any new announcements? Is it still being released in Q-4? just respond to us! 🙂

    • SniperPig9

      Yeah, cmon. we need something its 8 days past its due date for early access

      • @SniperPig9 Wrong. It says Early Access version should be released in Q4, so in theory, they could release it on 31st December and still keep their plan.

  60. So, if darkness can help you, does that mean that enemys will respond to light(e.g flashlight mounted on gun) when there shouldn´t be one?

  61. Been playing the first one again regularly. It’s a fantastic game and deserves more credit in the msdia. I sincerely hope that even of this game isn’t going to make its launch window; then the developers will help manage the community expectations. And start talking to us about it.

  62. Hey guys,

    I absolutley love your game and can’t wait till the release.
    But could you please drop me an email when te release comes. That would be awsome;)

  63. SniperPig9

    what if they made it for xbox or ps?

  64. Well,When I first play the game like this(CQB) it was Breach and Clear,then I found this game,I think it is a really good game .I am in China,so when this game will be sold in china?I think it is a really good game,

  65. Sea Cadet Bailer

    Since Q4 is upon us, what month could we expect Door Kickers 2 to hit Early Access? Also I can’t wait to see the improvements you guys have made in Door Kickers 2.

  66. Will there be weapon customization?

  67. Sign me up for early access!!!!!!!

  68. 已经12月了,,,迫不及待了啊。。。
    it is already December,cant wait to play it…

  69. itll be cool to add melee combat…removing a hostile by snapping his neck will make infiltration much easier.

  70. Where are you killhouse. This is bloody brilliant. Release it already. And pleasw keep it cheap.

  71. DK 2 is cancelled 🙁

  72. Cancelled?????

    • Why is it cancelled?!

    • It’s not canceled, hoax! Coming soon, BTW will come out much sooner on mobile after PC release than last time (not 8 months like DK1), talked with Mihai Gosa just a week ago…

  73. I wish it happens as soon as possible.

  74. Bump… just want to try and get some new information on the game… : /

  75. Dan Dominic Staicu

    When will the early access be released? Will this be free? Where will I find it?

  76. bob mc bob

    Any second now.

  77. vuther 316

    Any ETA or update on this game? i am anxiously awaiting this game as i am almost out of things to do in DK

    • DK Gamer

      Same here.
      Is this game cancelled? Or do you just have a delay? Any informations? Is there a beta or will be? If yes can i join it? I’m waiting for this game for months after you said in Dec 2016 it will be delayed.

  78. And when will it come to android

  79. I cant wait anymore,I want to play it right now

  80. Can U add more units like heavy and rockets and keep all old ones


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