Update status

Hey guys,

The update is taking us a little longer than usual (where usual = 1 month in between updates), but it’s almost done now and should be out by next week’s end.

Until now we have managed to keep bugs/crashes at a minimum, and we plan to keep it that way! We won’t release a new version until it feels very solid and all new features are on the right track.

Also, right after the previous update, we moved into a new studio which has added a couple of weeks of delay.


At this point, the update is mostly done, with only minor stuff remaining. Expect a developer commentary video to come out with this update and hopefully a new trailer on the next one after that.


Here are few of the things to expect from this update, we’ll keep a few of them as surprises for now:

– Deploy screen: you wanted it, you got it! You’ll be able to customize the deploy zones of your troopers and also which types of troopers go where. In case you missed it, here’s how it looks like.

– GoCodes can now be combined with actions: blow up multiple doors at the same time, throw grenades at your command and so on.

– New maps, including the first “House Call” map, several others are in the works.

– AI: both friendly and enemy AI have received an intelligence boost, your guys will not just stand there anymore while they’re getting shot at.

– Persistent orientation waypoint (usually requested as side-stepping): in addition to the old “right-click drag” to look in a direction along the path, you will now be able to define a new type of waypoint that will make your trooper look in the specified direction until said otherwise.

– Greatly improved interaction with doors: this was a point of general complaint in the previous update.

– Many, many other new features, improvements and fixes.


What do you think?